Natalie Jane – Makeup Artist

Makeup has always been a big part of my life

Makeup and beauty has always been a major part of my life. From being a little girl watching my mother meticulously apply her velvety red lipstick to hours playing with my nan’s old makeup collection, then as a teenager I would happily spend hours giving my friends makeovers.

It was obvious I would end up with a career in makeup and beauty, as those spotty teenage friends blossomed into beautiful, confident young women and called upon me for interviews, special occasions, weddings, photoshoots and concerts to name a few.

Gaining my makeup experience

Word of mouth is a valuable tool and this was my way into the beauty and makeup industry. I have trained and gained valuable experience with some of the most influential makeup artists in TV/film and editorial makeup. I have also trained with the main British supplier/ambassador of airbrush makeup.

My belief

I believe confidence radiates beauty and my focus is to create a more confident and beautiful version of yourself.

While I am based in Bath, I have also worked with ladies throughout Bristol and South West, helping with wedding, editorial and fashion makeup when called upon.

If you would like to discuss makeup for either a wedding, other special occasion or editorial feature you have coming up in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas then get in touch on either 07872 123 456 or

‘Many thanks Natalie for educating me on my eyebrows, I enjoyed my threading experience. I will be back!!’

Debbie Goldsworthy



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